In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1

Welcome to the “Scientific Fingerprints of God” website! My name is David Browning. (Click on “About” for a detailed description of my ministry.) In short, I am a former atheist who now wholeheartedly believes that Jesus Christ is exactly who He claimed to be! This decision did not come easily or quickly. The two most important factors leading to my decision were:

  1. Overwhelming scientific breakthroughs occurring in virtually every field of science over the past 20 years, and…
  2. Miraculous scientific statements scattered throughout the Bible that primitive people of those time periods could have never known.

My ministry invites you to examine the evidence that I have seen, and come to know the true Creator of the universe, and the Creator of you! It is a journey you will never regret taking. Examine my entire site, and if there are any resources that you would like, go to “Resources” or “Buy DVD”. If you are considering having me speak to your group, go to “Contact”.

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